Who We Are

We are the newest boutique agency on the scene!

Vibe Models is a full-service promotional modeling agency that manages the promotional part of modeling careers. Our agency represents all sexes of models ranging in age from 18-75. There are opportunities for all sizes, styles, heights, ethnicities, and experiences.

We are a boutique promotional modeling agency based in Parrish, Florida that is dedicated to the development and success of our models.

Founded in March, 2023.

What we do

We offer promotional modeling jobs which quite often lead to paid modeling jobs all while helping to build and improve your resume.

Email: vibemodels@vibe-models.com

Website: www.Vibe-Models.com

We represent freelance models.

As a freelance model, each individual model needs to market themselves to find go-sees/auditions and jobs. It is imperative that freelance models have strong portfolios. They must also know what the typical rates for modeling jobs are in their area so that they can negotiate properly. Sometimes, the title “freelance model” can mean that the model works with several agents/agencies, and they are not signed by one particular agency.

What we do to help:


With a variety of model photo ads that we design for you that we publish many places throughout the internet to get your name and face out there and recognizable.

We promote you with photo placements in a variety of magazines and online publications. We promote you with our official dot com website. We promote you through social media and other online arenas. We promote you with professionally published monthly magazines which show the world who you are while adding to your modeling resume. We are the publicists that all models need, and we do it for FREE where other publicists charge hundreds to even thousands a week. 


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